Week 5

Fabrication: Fabrication worked their hardest to finish the storage and the drivetrain. Most of the members have been working on the climber and hex shafts that other teams are ordering.

Electrical: Electrical has been working on the electrical board and its components, they have been measuring 3 times and cutting once to make sure everything works both in theory and practice. They also have been finishing up on the sensors making sure we can detect colour.

Software: Software has been working on code that works autonomously, as well as the shooter mechanism, the climber, and various cameras. They have also been working on the state machine for collection.

Mechanical: Mechanical has been working diligently to design, Cad and assist with constructing the entire robot. Putting all the hard work of the other subteams to use. They are doing everything in their power to finish our project.

Assembly: Assembly has been putting the finishing touches on everything. Our drivetrain, climber and storage system to name a few. Assembly will be in full sprint starting Wednesday to finally construct a working robot.

Business: Business has submitted chairman’s!!!!! Business is also working on the posters for the midwest regional and writing more essays for more awards. We also started working on the chairman’s video.
and is working on their posters for Midwest regional.

Strategy: Strategy has been looking at previous competitions to check what strategies worked and didn’t work. They have also been working on a pit scouting device to help with the scouting process.