Fabrication: Fabrication has been working on the CNC machine to create parts for the other sub-teams to use.

Electrical: Electrical getting ready to wire up the electrical board so we can get the robot reay as soon as the CAD is ready. They have also been training new members to carry them on for next year.

Software: Software has been having discussions with strategy for programing features on our robot to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do, that they fit the design requirements, and to see if we can incorporate any strategy ideas.

Mechanical: Mechanical has had a full plate this week. They have been fixing the drive train, fixing the mechanism for the feeder, CADing the climber and control panel. We have been in full support of mechanical.

Assembly: Assembly has been working on making the feeder for our powercell’s work. They have also been working on preparing to build the drivetrain to build ASAP.

Business: Business has been putting most of their time into writing chairmans and nominated someone for the dean’s award. But who we nominated is a secret. Business has also been working on our posters for the midwest regional.

Strategy: Strategy has been monitoring all the subteams to make sure they are fitting all of the design requirements. They are also creating an app to help make scouting more efficient.