Week 3

After 2 weeks of getting back into the swing of things we are finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together and collaborating with the other subteams to create an epic robot.

Fabrication: Fabrication working on fabricating the drive train. This year we decided on tank drive without treads. We chose this so we can get over the slight unevenness in the field. Going off of that, our goal is to create a strong and rigid drivetrain.

Electrical: Electrical has been testing batteries to make sure they will work for competition and have been discussing how to use diodes to solve roadblocks with the RoboRio.

Software: Software is working hard to write the robot code in Java. Working on other specific part codes such as the camera for o robot view and the color sensor for the control panel device.

Mechanical: Mechanical was CADing the individual features for the robot such as our climber, power cell collector and placement and our control panel scanner.

Assembly: Assembly has been working on perfecting our prototypes and communicating with Mechanical to work on a control panel device.

Business: Awards has been working diligently on the Chairman’s long essay. Media has been keeping up with the website and updating some broken bugs and finished button name tags as well as work on the midwest 2020 poster.

Strategy: Strategy has been making design requirements to Assembly and Mechanical have a basis to work off of and to make sure our robot is tournament legal.