Week 2

After a week of prototyping, designing, and strategizing for this year’s game, we spent week 2 continuing our progress while we finalize week 1’s material. In addition, software, electrical, and fabrication have been moving into the workflow as they begin wiring the electrical board, coding for autonomous, and cutting out parts.

Fabrication: Fabrication has continued to build field elements and making the prototypes for our robot. They have also been 3D printing parts for the robot for different projects such as the prototype pulleys for assembly.

Electrical: Electrical has been training new members to work on our electrical board which is an MXP board certified by FIRST. In addition, they are preparing to start wiring up this season’s electrical board.

Software: Software have mostly been working with project managers to build their respective projects. They have been working in both Labview and Java. they have also finished the code that will go on our control panel device.

Mechanical: Mechanical has been going full throttle putting our robot parts together and perfecting the robot CAD designs as to make sure that our robot can theoretically work.

Assembly: Assembly has been hard at work prototyping all of our designs for this upcoming season including ground intake, storage, motion through the robot, and low port scoring.

Business: Business has been working on our Chairman’s Long Essay and our Executive summaries. We’ve made lots of progress this past week as our Chairman’s Long Essay is within the word limit and currently going through edits. We are also making buttons for the team and designing posters for the Midwest Regional.

Strategy: Strategy has been refining techniques with the drive team and setting up our practice field.

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