Week 1!

Huskie Robotics kicked off our season with a detailed look at this year’s plethora of opportunities within strategy and design to best figure out a solution to this year’s game. We are off to a great start as we begin this great season with prototyping and hitting the ground running.
Link to the game reveal: game reveal

Here is what each sub-team is up to:

Fabrication: Fabrication has been working diligently to make the field elements so our drive team can get some practice in using last year’s robot before our robot for this year is built.

Electrical: Electrical has been working with our project managers to build our prototypes such as our climbing device and our power cell collection device.

Software: Software has also been working with our project managers to program electrical devices so they can work and give us valuable information on how our prototypes are working.

Mechanical: Mechanical has been doing all the hard math behind all of our prototyping. They have been drawing the diagrams and CADing everything to make sure it goes together.

Assembly: Assembly has been putting together the prototypes. They are hard at work making mechanical dreams a reality.

Business: Business has been working on making our locker signs, button name tags and dressing up Finn for this year’s events.

Strategy: Strategy has been keeping up with chief delphi for game updates that may or may not change our current strategy.