2020-2021 Goals

Maintain and Build Relationships with the Community

We aim to maintain the current relationships we have with the community, sponsors, organizations, etc. Additionally, we would like to try to find new opportunities for the team to engage in to replace events that are not feasible this year, and expand our community to a global level. Maintaining and building relationships with the community helps attract potential new members and spread STEM within our community in a way that aligns with FIRST’s Core Values and our own.

Strengthen our Robotics Family

We want to engage people of all skill levels & backgrounds. Whether students have time conflicts or problems at home, we make sure that they feel welcome. In this season especially, since connecting with teammates is more difficult, it is even more important to make people feel involved. It is critical for leads to take charge and promote inclusivity in their own interactions and subteams.

Maximize Productivity

Given our limited resources due to the COVID-19 situation, we would like to minimize build cycle times, proactively address issues, and complete all of our deliverables by using our communication tools both online and in person. Maximizing productivity leads to better teamwork and more time for discovery and innovation.

Prepare Team for the Future

We strive to develop the sustainability of our team by preserving institutional knowledge (technical, business, leadership, project management), training new members, and developing teaching resources. By doing so, we increase team longevity and ensure the team’s success in the future. As senior members graduate and new members join, it is necessary to pass down and preserve team knowledge and practices so that our team can be more successful in every subsequent season.

Qualify for 2021 World Championship

As a team competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, the World Championships is the most explicit object of our decisions and efforts as engineers. The World Championships are meant to host the best teams from around the nation and reflect the success of the team as a whole, from analysis, to design to construction and outreach. Aiming to qualify for the 2021 World Championships this season provides an important framework or guide for how we make competitive decisions as a team, and functions as a source of inspiration as we work to produce quality work and galvanize students in their passion for STEM.