Week 6!

Last bag and tag ever!! Huskie Robotics has worked harder than ever this past week to get as much done as possible before we bagged our robot. All of the sub-teams have come together as one to produce one amazing robot that is now ready for competition! Our second robot is currently in progress, and will hopefully be driving ASAP. Other than that, we went to a practice competition this past weekend and gained lots of experience and knowledge regarding what our robot is capable of, as well as potential improvements.

Mechanical/Assembly Progress:
– We made doubles of all the subsystems on our robot to place in the bag in case if anything breaks or falls apart before or during competition.
– Additionally, they’re currently working on assembling our second robot as fabrication provides them with parts so that drive team and software can get more practice before competition

Software Progress:
– At our practice competition, software’s line follower and vision both worked fairly well! However, this also gave us a chance to improve on what we have after seeing both programs in action.
– We were also able to explain our systems and programs to other teams that attended the practice regional with us, which was a great way to explain the tools we use to improve accuracy when placing hatches.

– Strategy has been busy trying to organize and rank inputs from Week 0 and for future weeks. They’re trying to organize their data from scouting to best determine which teams rank highest in our perspective.
– Additionally, strategy is working to create an FRC 101 to explain FRC – preseason, build season, and competition season – to those new to FRC!

Fabrication Progress:
– Fabrication created some bright orange bumpers for our robot this season earlier this week!
– They’re also working on creating competition bumpers, as well as the main components of the drivetrain and subsystems for our second robot.

Electrical Progress:
– After a couple of mini explosions, electrical finished the electrical board for the robot that we bagged earlier this week!
– They’re currently hard at work on the second electrical board as the goal is to get it done ASAP to drive team and software can maximize their time with the robot.

Media Progress:
– On Thursday, February 28, Huskie Robotics will be hosting a Robotics Showcase for all members of our community, but more specifically those interested in FIRST, FRC, and everything we do (you’ll also get a first look at this year’s robot and everything it can do!)! Sign up at this link, we can’t wait to see you there! for daily updates of our team, can follow us on facebook, twitter, and – instagram @team3061! we’ve been seeing lots success lately social media, would love have join journey!