Week 5

Week 5 down! Bag-and-tag is just around the corner and we are revving to go! This week has been energy-filled and the Huskie pack is giving it their all. Our first robot is competition-ready and the second one is currently in progress! We’ve made lots of improvements with our driving skills, as well as our abilities to safely climb and descend, and placing hatches.

Mechanical/Assembly Progress:
– We completed a skid plate to drive up to Level 2 of our hab quickly and with a much higher percentage of successful climbs!
– Assembly has also finished the first robot and 2 gear boxes for our second robot.
– Additionally, we improved the hatch placement subsystem to reduce error.

Software Progress:
– Software has improved the logging date as well as finding new ways to do make it work better.
– Developed trapezoid drive to help the robot change positions more accurately.
– We’ve also dedicated a lot of time to debugging the line sensor so that it gives feedback on what it saw and how to see the line more clearly. Therefore, if something goes wrong at competition, we can use this newly developed software to quickly troubleshoot and solve issues!

Strategy Progress:
– Strategy has been working hard on defensive strategies.
– They’ve also been trying to figure out how to create a roadblock for the enemy team using the snowball method.
– By testing different kinds of graphs and programs, they’ve been looking for the most efficient and accurate way of analyzing scouting data.

Fabrication Progress:
– Fabrication has been cutting parts for our vision camera mount.
– Also L channels for electrical board are currently in progress, as well as pieces for our second robot.
– They also just finished making gussets from the Shopbot for the second robot.

Electrical Progress:
– Electrical has been working on the photoelectric sensors: Line following wiring is about 75% done on electrical side!
– They’re getting the electrical board ready for the second robot as it comes together!
– We’ve also completed Talons that control the motors!

Media Progress:
– CHAIRMAN’S IS FINISHED!!!!!! After weeks of work and peer edits the chairmans essay has been completed and turned in.
– A lot of buttons are in the process of being made for this upcoming competition.

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