Week 4

Week 4 complete! This week was a really cold one! Robotics was snowed out twice, but our pack is back up and running; a little snow never stopped a huskie! The drivetrain is complete and driving crazy fast already! We’ve made lots of progress with our vision and line follower programs, as well as game strategies.

Mechanical/Assembly Progress:
– The electrical board is mounted on our final drivetrain!
– We also got our whole drivetrain riveted together along with our final hatch placement subsystem.
– Next up is our second robot for software and strategy practice and testing, which is currently in progress.

Software Progress:
– Software has faced a couple of roadblocks this week with issues in their code for the Raspberry Pi and their line follower, but they’ve persevered through this hardships and come out strong!
– We’ve been testing both programs a lot and we’ve seen lots of improved accuracy and efficiency, but as always we can keep making it better and faster.

Strategy Progress:
– Strategic software has been busy fixing minor errors in our scouting, as well as trying to make sure there’s absolutely no way for anyone to mess with the settings or results!
– Drive team has also been practicing lots of defense as well as placing hatches using vision and line follower as fast as possible.
We’ve also created an additional design to our robot so that we can drive up to level 2 of our habitat!

Fabrication Progress:
– Fabrication started working on the parts for our second robot, and they’ve got a lot more work coming up in the next few weeks!

Electrical Progress:
– Electrical has been working around lots of moving robot components as they wire up the pneumatics and other electrical systems.
– They haven’t been facing too many challenges, other than that they’ve had to reorganize the electrical board a couple times due to changes in the chassis.

Media Progress:
– Our Chairman’s essay is almost done, and we’re getting lots of peer edits and revisions to make our essay as good as possible! We are also trying to select our three Chairman’s representatives for competition!
– We’ve been making lots of posters for upcoming events, as well as buttons to hand out at competition.
And of course, for daily updates of our team, you can follow us on
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @team3061
– We also have our annual Robotics Showcase coming up near the end of February! More details will be coming out soon, but those who attend will be the first to see our robot and all that it can do! – Also, our goal is to introduce others in the community to FIRST, FRC, and all that we have to offer!