Week 3

Week 3 is now complete! Huskie Robotics almost got snowed in this week, but that didn’t stop us! Our drivetrain has been coming together really well, and our subsystems are now in progress as well! Software has been busy working out minor issues with vision and line follower, and they’ve been persisting through every minor error this week!

Mechanical Progress:
– The gearboxes for our drivetrain are now complete!
– The main frame for our drivetrain is coming together, and all the wheels have been attached as well.
– A group has also been organizing all of our tools and materials so we can efficiently assemble the rest of our robot

Software Progress:
– Software is continuing to improve the line follower and vision programs.
– Line follower has been a big focus this week. The electrical team mounted the sensors to our test robot, and we’ve been working to test the accuracy of the line followers through 3 different sensors.

Strategy Progress:
– This week, our driver has been to using the vision and line following programs within his many maneuvers.
– Just in case, our driver is even capable of driving the robot should the sandstorm curtain never go up during the match, with only the use of the cameras!

Fabrication Progress:
– Fabrication just finished creating the drivetrain a few days ago
– They are now working on fabricating our robot subsystems so we can finish up our robot.

Electrical Progress:
– Electrical has been working on putting together our electrical board so it’s ready once the robot frame has been assembled. They’ve persisted through a couple of redesigning issues as well.

Media Progress:
– Chairman’s Chairman’s Chairman’s! We’re assembling our Chairman’s team and finishing up the awards essays.
– We’ve also been updating our social media on a daily basis, and if you want more updates, follow us @team3061 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.