Week 2!

Peace out, Week 2! Huskie Robotics has been super busy this past week! We’ve accomplished almost all of our goals in the prototyping stage, as we’re now shifting to building our competition robot. Drive team has been getting lots of practice with many potential offensive and defensive situations. Additionally, mechanical and assembly finished the IDW’s and CAD’s for our drivetrain, and fabrication has now taken over the process to create our drivetrain. Software has been very successful in their endeavors to program vision as well as line follower programs!

Mechanical progress:
– The robot (without any additions to the drivetrain) has managed to climb to Level 2 of our Habitat! It can safely ascend and descend from this level.
– Hatch panel collection and deposit has been completely prototyped and is now being tested on our robot while fabrication designs the competition-ready hatch collection/deposit attachment. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to navigate and place hatches.
Software progress:
– Both the line follower and vision programs are working effectively and we’re working to attach them to the electrical board so they can be tested with our robot.
– Vision is currently working well enough for our driver to be able to maneuver with just one camera and accurately place hatches!
– Our goal is to make them work more efficiently and with greater accuracy.
Strategy progress:
– Our scouting app is complete and ready for use. it is very user-friendly and simple yet effective!
– Our driver has been getting lots of practice playing both offense and defense in many potential situations that may arise during competition. Strategy is working very hard to make sure he’s capable of the many possible maneuvers we plan to use.
Fabrication progress:
– Fabrication is currently starting to work on creating our drivetrain now that both the CAD and the IDW’s are complete.
– Fabrication also finished making all the field elements for our robot to practice with very early this week.
Electrical progress:
– Electrical has completed hooking up pneumatics to the electrical board for the pistons on our hatch placement attachment.
– Electrical has also been working to hook up all of our cameras to the electrical board so that we can practice driving the robot using both vision and line sensing softwares.
Media and Outreach progress:
– We’ve got our subteam buttons in! They’re personalized for each subteam and specific ones are created for each subteam lead.
– Chairman’s essay has also been a big focus for some members of our media team, and we’re currently in the process of choosing candidates for our presentation.
– Media is also working to decorate our driver station with Huskie colors – blue and orange!
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