Week 1 Update!

Happy Week 1! Things have been off to a great start here at Huskie Robotics! We began the week prototyping our hatch panel collection and placement system, and found some promising results! Suction, velcro, and rotating key were tested, and we’ve been working on our drivetrain design as well. After much debate, we’ve decided this season’s robot will be a tank drive! Our other subteams have also been really busy with projects of their own to ultimately make this year’s robot amazing!

Mechanical progress (hatch panel prototypes):
– Velcro: Using velcros placed on the top corners of a sheet of fiberglass, we attached three pistons to a piece of wood that, when engaged, pushes the hatch off of the robot and attaches it to the lower hatches on the cargo ship and the rocket. This is most likely the prototype that will eventually be incorporated on our robot!
– Suction: We used a plunger and small suction cups to test the ability to pick up hatches. The plunger worked the best while the small ones were not as reliable. We tried creating a triangle formation with all three suction cups, which worked at picking up the hatch panel, but was deemed too unreliable to use in matches. As of right now, this prototype is still in progress.
Software progress:
– One of our two main projects is a photoelectric line sensor which guides our robot to the cargo ship based on the lines running on the floor. We created the algorithm and it is responsive, however we’re unsure about it’s accuracy as we have not tested it yet.
– We also have a vision targeting system to identify and correctly line up with our targets. It is capable of sensing the hatch panel lines on our target and can drive the robot to the center for accurate placement of the panels!
Strategy progress:
– Strategic software has been working very hard this past week to create our scouting app for competitions. They’re almost done with the app, and it has come together very well as an extremely user-friendly app, and an easy way to efficiently scout at tournaments.
– Strategic software has also been working with new drivers as they’ve been learning how to drive both tank and swerve. After deciding on tank drive, strategy worked to narrow down our 3 potential driver candidates to 1.
Electrical and Fabrication progress:
– Both of these subteams have been teaching new members how to use their equipment and how to effectively accomplish tasks dedicated to their teams. Once our robot starts to come together, both subteams will be able to hit the ground running as they design and create subparts of our robot!
Media and Outreach progress:
– The media subteam has been busy designing subteam buttons, locker signs, distributing spiritwear, and working on our Chairman’s essay and presentation. We’ve picked candidates to present during competition, as well as putting together our essay.
– We’ve also been active on social media, so if you want daily updates of our progress as a team, follow us at @team3061 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Update!

  1. Hello, I am looking for an existing robotics club for my 10 year old son to join who is very good with lego and have learned some ev3 robotics at UIC at Naperville extension. Is this team looking to add more members or if you could guide me to another team that maybe in the area. Thank you.

    1. Hi! There are definitely opportunities available in the Naperville area to get involved in robotics. I’ll send you an email with information! Thanks!

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