Summer Camp Day 5

Theme Day: Camp T-Shirt Day

Today we focused on continuing to work on our robots and completing missions. After the end of the official meeting, parents were invited to come and see what their engineer(s) had achieved throughout the past week.

Mechanical & Programming: We once again began the day with a short Q&A session, after which our technological masterminds were given almost the entire day to continue working on their missions.

Teamwork: To break up the day and help our novice engineers develop stronger communication skills, we divided them into groups and tasked each group with a “River Crossing” challenge. In order to succeed and complete the given task, our campers had to talk, strategize, and work with each other to cross an “acid river” using half as many “rafts” (pieces of paper) as there were people in the group. Should any member of the group be left behind, the remaining members of the group were “disqualified” and forced to restart.