Leadership Workshop

Tonight select members who expressed interested in team leadership roles or in becoming a stronger leader in daily life participated in our second annual Leadership Workshop. To begin the workshop, participants brainstormed descriptions for what they felt a leader should look, talk, and act like, and then watched a short clip from a TED talk from one exemplary leader, Bob Davids, who gained respect among his peers by quite literally joining them in the trenches.

Afterwards, students split into three groups, each tasked with a series of puzzles to test their critical thinking and teamwork skills while they raced against the clock to stop an evil hacker from wreaking havoc with world’s bank accounts. Although each group ran into their own unique hiccups, by working together as a team all three groups successfully completed their mission.

Our guest speaker and FLL mentor explained the simply complex EDGE teaching method, demonstrating how to fold an origami balloon-the perfect proxy for any new skill. He then guided the members through the phases of team formation (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing), along with how a strong leader should approach each phase to set their team up for both short-term and long-term success.

The presentation returned briefly to how leadership connects to Huskie Robotics, along with the eleven key roles that have been decided on to best suit this year’s season. During dinner, everyone was encouraged to continue their conversations on what each role would require. Post dinner, team goals were brainstormed first in small groups and then shared and discussed as a whole. Until of course the teaser trailer for this year’s game was released-FIRST Power Up!!!