Grayhill Inc. Outreach

On Tuesday, December 1st, members of Huskie Robotics had the wonderful opportunity to go to Grayhill Inc. At Grayhill, the Huskies showed off Annie and explained what FIRST was all about to the interested Grayhill employees. We presented our Chairman’s video to give Grayhill a sense about what Huskie Robotics and FIRST was all about. Some Grayhill employees even got a chance to drive Annie. The team then got a tour of Grayhill facilities getting a closer look at their vertical integration equipment and learning about many of the military and medical technologies that Grayhill produces. This was a very inspirational experience for the Huskies because we got to see up close what it’s like to be an engineer. From optical encoders to joysticks and touch screen technology to the myriad of cubicles we walked by, the experience inspired many team members to pursue a career in the STEM field and become future engineers and innovators.

~Afsanneh A

*Note: Hey everyone it’s Justin. I want to apologize for the delay of posting this event article since it happened back in 2015. I will try my best to keep articles and events up to date on the website. Thanks!