2016 Team Structure

Hey everyone, Justin here! I am back again with another post now that things have calmed down on the media team. Here is just a short listing of how our team is structured with the various discipline leads and more in case you were interested. Congratulations to all members on the team and go Huskies! More posts to come so keep checking the website!

Team Captain: James Z
Chief Robot Designer: Brandon J
Chief Game Strategist: Sejal S

Discipline Leads
Mechanical: David F
Electrical: Chen L
Software: Dillon H / Alex E
Fabrication: Luca T
Chairman’s: Justin S
Media: Justin S
MXP: Eric Z

Subteam Leads
Andrew S: chassis/drivetrain
Kevin E: collector A (horizontal roller)
Trent N: wedge
Trevor A: collector B (chassis mount and deployment, feeder station)

Chairman’s Presentation Team
Justin S, Andrew S, Shilpa S

Drive Team
James Z, Sejal S, Brandon J, Neil S