2016 Rock City Regional

On March 9th, 28 members of Huskie Robotics took a ten hour drive to Little Rock, AR. There we competed against 49 other teams. Before the match, two of our Huskies, Jeff and Natalie, sang the national anthem to start off the games. In our first four matches Morgana experienced a bit of damage, but luckily our amazing team in the pit was able to repair her in time for our next matches. Our Chairman’s team: Justin, Shilpa, and Andrew did an amazing job presenting and although Chairman’s was awarded to Team 932 Circuit Chargers we will be coming back stronger than ever at Midwest.

Also during the competition we kept up our Gracious Professionalism spirit by helping other teams code their robots and lend out parts. One of our team members, Dillon, had helped 3 teams with their programming and autonomous. The great results were shown in the competition when those robots were on the field. After a few more matches, an accident occurred leading to a power outage. FIRST staff worked to figure out a solution and implemented their plan of moving straight to alliance selections.

Huskie Robotics was ranked 18 and we were graciously selected to be on the 8th seeded alliance by Teams 3931 and 932, the Cockadoodle Dominators and Circuit Chargers. As the eighth seeded alliance we competed against the first seeded alliance. With our strong defense and scoring from our teammates we put up a good match. In the end, the first seeded alliance with Bomb Squad as their captain won and moved on in the qualifiers. Even though we were did not move on, we did learn a lot from various challenges that we encountered and we will be attending the Midwest Regional in Chicago at the UIC Pavilion March 31st to April 2nd. Come cheer us on and hope to see you all there!

Here is a small clip of one of our matches we played during the quarterfinals. We’ve got some good defense going for us!
One of our matches