2015 Software Release

Hello, teams,

We’ve made a few of our code repositories open-source, to kick off the new year and the 2016 build season:

  • 2015 Software – the LabVIEW code powering our Recycle Rush robot, Bonnie
  • Sprocket – a work-in-progress robot library in LabVIEW, built around streams (queues)
  • roboRIO Expansion – our work-in-progress roboRIO expansion board circuit design and code

Have a great kickoff, everyone, and good luck!

James Zhu

Legal details:

Both robot libraries (our 2015 robot code and Sprocket) are licensed under the MIT License, meaning you can use it freely if you credit us and copy over the license file.

Our roboRIO expansion board is licensed under the CC-BY-NC License (Creative Commons), meaning you can use it for any non-commercial uses as long as you credit us.

A good summary of these licenses can be found at tl;drLegal: MIT and CC-BY-NC