Week 6 Update

February 14, 2015

With many of our more experienced team members off to a scrimmage in Oswego, our team has been doing its best to keep the fire going.  For example, our mechanical team member Theo Gabriel describes how we have been pushed to work on the fly, saying that there has been “ a lot of re-drilling holes, de-riveting, re-riveting, and although it ultimately took a long time, we will hopefully be able to reach our goals”.  Our electrical team lead left a task list for his team to do and they were very successful in completing it, such as, finishing all wires for ultrasonic sensors.  They are now waiting on Mechanical and Fabrication to finish their parts so that they can attach connectors onto the motors.

Thanks to the internet our programming lead as able to make big refactors to the elevator code the night before. Programming team has also been working on upgrading autonomous for more efficient maneuvering around totes, improving the arms and can grabber, and testing set point values for raise and lower positions for the elevator.  Finally, our expansion boards are done being manufactured and the majority of the software has been written.

Huskie Robotics may have experienced a slight slow in production this Saturday, but as always we are looking forward to kicking it into an even higher degree next Monday.

3 more days until Bag & Tag!!!  Keep calm and Robot On Huskies!

Week 6 Drawing

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!