Week 5 Update

With only 10 days until the end of build season, our team has kicked into its highest gear. We were behind schedule,  with just a few shafts to get done our mechanical team is nearly 99% of the way done assembling the elevator, arms, and claw of our robot and are starting to get back on track.  In the words of mechanical team lead Andrew Toennies “We have encountered a few problems but most of them were solved with some creative ingenuity and some hard work … and an automotive jack or two.”

Week 5 Update

As for our electrical team, we are now waiting for the connectors for the motors to come in so we will be able to start plugging things in and driving the robot again.  In the mean time, Electrical has driven the drive train in order to test individual parts for polarity, are now working on cable routing things so that cables on our robot won’t get tangled, and are working on getting all of our sensors configured.  The Expansion board team has been able to finish expansion board design and is ready to submit the board to fabrication.  We are also starting to log information to our test board.

At the end of the hallway in Room 138, we now visit the programmers in their natural habitat.  As for our main robot program, we have been trying to polish all of our Drive, Elevator, Arm, and Can Grabber code, have started to work on Autonomous, and conferencing with the Mechanical team for the specifics on set-up of the electrical wiring and the motors.  Programming Lead James Zhu has been especially busy perfecting our Control algorithms and contemplating over the almighty programming  question:  “ How the crud am I going to control this beast?”  Our Scouting team has also been slaving over questions of their own; taking the time to make a whiteboard of possible design questions for the application and working on possible implementation and requirements.

Finally, for Media team our update is simple:  Chairman’s, Chairman’s Chairman’s.  An abundant amount of progress has been made on our main essay, and the first draft of all of our executive summaries done, they have moved on to the editing phase and are well on their way to becoming our ticket to the World’s competition and a way the perfect way to understand our progress as a team!

We are almost there Huskies!  Keep Calm and Robot on!

2 thoughts on “Week 5 Update

  1. Once completed, will you have an open house for the public? My boys love the robots and would love to see them.

    1. As far as I know, we will probably not have an open house for the public. We will think about it in the future though. Our team does however, do many outreach events at local elementary schools and each summer we are at the DuPage Children’s Museum for a summer camp. And our website is always updated when something big happens so be sure to check!
      We appreciate your question, and that’s awesome that your boys love robots!

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