Week 4 Update

By: Justin S

Some good progress has been made since our last update in Huskie Robotics! As of now, Bag & Tag is in 14 days, and the team is working at lightning speed to finish the robot while also making sure that it is professionally functional. Each sub-team has their work cut out for them!

We start off with Programming, who have been busily working on the elevator code. Programming lead James says that the code should be done and tested! They are currently working on the arm clappers code for transferring totes across the field, and have started work on the autonomous! Keep up the good work Programming! Next up we have Electrical, who have installed connectors onto the electrical board! Nice progress electrical, every bit counts!

As a member of the media team, I can say that we have been working extremely hard on this year’s Chairman’s award, writing twelve 500 character executive summaries, a 10,000 character essay, and filming a video of what our team is all about! Let’s go media!

Then we have Mechanical, who have been busily building the robot and have encountered a difficult obstacle with a chain on the elevator. But nothing will stop them from finishing the robot, and they have quickly found solutions to the problem. Awesome job Mechanical! Finally comes the Fabrication comes next, and the Fab. lead Micky has described their progress in 3 words, “Cutting, lathing, milling.” Sounds impressive Fabrication, keep on cutting!

With everyone on the team working hard, we will no doubt build the robot by Bag & Tag! Let’s go Huskies!

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