Week 3 Update

By: Tiffany M

Since our first day of build season, Huskie Robotics has had amazing developments in our preparation for Bag and Tag, most notably the ability to drive our robot at the end of Week 2!  Since then all of our sub teams have been hard at work.

The Programming team is beginning to test all of the sensors on the robot and is continuing to work on code that will power the elevator on the robot.  The Electrical team has collaborated with Molex, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect electrical components, in order to determine which connectors to use on the robot this year. They are also currently working on perfecting the CAN interface and are ready to mount our finished electrical board.

Our Expansion Board team has been working with another new sponsor, Midwest Printed Circuit Services, to fabricate new circuit boards, are working on perfecting a data logging system in order to retrieve data about what is happening to our robot during a match, and are about to start expansion board design.  The Mechanical Team has finished mounting all 9-to-1 gears on the robot and are currently working on mounting the electrical board to the robot as well.  As as for Team Fabrication … .in the words of team lead Micky Levy: “#milling #lathing”.

Keep Calm and Robot On Huskies!


Robotics week 3 update pics