Kickoff with Team 3061

The time of year has come again, and Huskie Robotics is starting it off strong! On January 3, team members gathered at Naperville North to watch this year’s FRC challenge as it is unveiled to the entire world! The air was filled with excitement as team members waited, and watched the countdown slowly nearing 0.

We were all intently watching the video as it started to play, revealing all of the hard work and building that we will be doing this season. There were many reactions from the team members as the challenge was revealed to be Recycle Rush! Recycle Rush is a recycling-based game where alliances must stack totes along with recycling bins at the top to earn points. “Litter”, represented by pool noodles can be placed inside the recycling bins to earn points per bin. You can read more about the game here, or in the Team History.

The team then engaged in a Q&A in order to organize all of our thoughts and ideas about the challenge. We then broke up into small groups to discuss possible game strategies that might be useful when competing. Similar to last year, each group got to see other groups’ strategies and ideas and were able to give some feedback and reactions.

After seeing all of the strategies that each group listed, we got back together to wrap the day up with a discussion on finalizing our strategy for the 2015 season. There were many ideas and we managed to create an outline for the many strategies including a goal for the challenge: “Be #1 in scoring” as well as “Be in control of our outcome”.

I speak on behalf of Team 3061 when I say I’m excited to see what the team has in store for this season and I’m sure that we will accomplish great things.

GO TEAM 3061!!!

– Justin