FLL Open House

On February 11th, Huskie Robotics hosted an Open House for FLL teams.

Starting off in room 115, we showed the students a brief video explaining what we do on FIRST Robotics. We then transitioned into our first subgroup: the media team where we showed our articles and awards. You would be able to tell by their faces watching the screen intently that they were really interested in FRC.


Moving on to room 138, we explained all about our programming subgroup and our efficient scouting app system, which is a lot easier than recording on paper! Many of the FLL mentors were impressed with our scouts’ work. Good job scouts!

The FLL teams then went on to see our team’s actual robot. In room 116, the kids were really interested in the robot as we showed them how it operates. We answered many questions and showed them a picture of one of our CAD projects for the robot, while also showing them our 3D printer and 3D printing technology.

We ended the Open House with a Q&A where we answered any questions that the kids (and their parents) had. They were all very excited and eager to know more about our team as well as balancing our high school life and robotics at the same time.

We want to thank all of the FLL students who came to learn more about FIRST. We hope that many of them will continue on through FIRST and join our team.This was our second year hosting an Open House and it was a very exciting day for us. We hope to do it again next year seeing many young and intelligent engineers!

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