Build day 1

The robotics season for 2015 began with the intense kick-off that sent the students into a flurry of creativity and ideas. After the brainstorming at kick-off the brooding thoughts on what to build and how to achieve this years goal were setting in, we came back together today (Monday January 5) to have our first build meeting. Everyone was excited to get started and move forward with this years robot building, for the 2015 game recycle rush!

Team captain Gavin says, “ It is very different from years past and makes us think about the challenge in different ways.” He is excited to start the season, and more importantly the build of our new robot!

The meeting began by the team splitting up into sub teams to discuss their individual goals or requirements. These sub teams include mechanical, electrical, programming, media, and many others. Every member of the team is included in a sub team, and can choose where they feel they are most helpful or a best fit.

All of the conversations going around in the rooms were constructive and involved many different opinions being listened to. The process of brainstorming began with looking at the goals to accomplish and how we can reach those goals. The team also looked at the requirements for this years game and got into different design groups to brainstorm separately.

The team went through the inventory and made a list of what we still need and that everything we had worked properly. We assembled our control system with the new components we have, and have begun to figure out the next steps we can make to begin building our robot.

Electric sub team lead Arresh talks about the season and his group’s current goals, “We began with a bill of materials for game pieces and prototypes. This year is going to be different, but I am ready to start and get this robot built.”

The scouting sub team is deciding what we will want to scout for at competitions and how we can obtain the information we need in an efficient manner. We scout other teams to obtain information about their robots and how they play the game to better choose and know how alliances work. Scouting is an important concept for our team; and thinking about our strategy so early on gives us the time to develop a solid scouting strategy.

With the season starting off in full swing, everyone is working their hardest to get this building and prototyping started. The chatter of robots is hard to quiet as we clean up for the night and head home. We’re all thankful that the rest of the season is yet to happen, and a robot is yet to be built. Go Huskies!!!