Week 5 Update 2014

1 more week until build season comes to an end! We’ve accomplished a lot, and the robot is on the verge of being fully operational.

As regionals draw closer, the Scouting team has been working extra hard. They are continuing to work on 2 scouting apps: team and alliance match scouting, and are also working on an assignment system where as data is entered, it is organized and stored for future reference.

Programming has been implementing code for new robot framework. They have also been trying to fix some drivetrain lag issues, which we are positive that they will. Other than that, Programming is rearing and ready to test the new robot with their new code.

Our faithful and hard-working Project Manager has been helping the team with “Sponsor Letters” for Open House. Gavin has also been analyzing different strategies for alliance picking, and has finished our team’s business plan.

Electrical team has plumbed and pressured the shooter and collector. They have cleaned and wired the driving chassis and are also fixing up our robot from last year, Sally. Overall, they have been working hard to make sure that our robot doesn’t explode.

Mechanical team has been extremely on top of things this year. They have finished the robot early and right now they are testing the robot in every way possible to make sure that there are no errors. They will be bug fixing in the next week and just finalizing the robot to make sure that it’s ready for Bag & Tag.

Media/Outreach has been preparing to make Parent Night successful as we show everyone all that the team has done. They have been writing the prestigious Chairman’s Award, in which we will hopefully accomplish this year, and are also continuing to get Huskie Robotics’ name out there with more locker signs, and flyers to promote the team.

All-in-all, this week has been really successful for the team. We can’t wait to see the robot in action. Week 5 is over and the team is now preparing for the final week of finalizations.

Go Huskie Robotics!!!

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Justin S

*”Where’s the Robot?”: You may have noticed that none of these pictures show a complete view of our new creation or any of her mechanisms. That’s because this year, we’re saving that for FRC Top 25’s premiere night! In a little more than a week, all will be revealed. 🙂