Week 3 Update 2014

Halfway through build season, all the ideas we had are starting to come together into a tangible creation. We still have a lot of work to go before we get a complete, functional robot, though.

Mechanical finished the design for the robot, including mounting the shooter and collector onto the design. That part was trickier than it had been in past years, because the robot this year is pretty small- nothing like Lucy’s 5 foot height. They ordered all their parts and most have come in, so next week a lot of building and assembly can take place. This week, we started: the chassis and shooter are 75% assembled and the collector is coming along smoothly!

Electrical has been working on wiring for the test robot. Their battery beak has been having some issues, so they had to run out a couple of batteries using the test robot by driving it at high gear in random directions (this was a little scary to Jeremy, our safety officer.)

Programming has been working more on the vision from last week, as well as testing the ultrasonic sensor for the robot. They’ve also written, but not tested, code for the roller and collector part of the robot.

Scouting’s program is looking good- it works on a laptop, so the only thing left to do is test it on iPads. This will make Scouting way easier to keep track of at competitions.

Media and Outreach have been working on a variety of projects. They finished locker signs for the upcoming Lake Superior regional, drafted outlines for both the video and essay portion of the Chairman’s Award, and organized an “Open Build Day” for the 4 FLL teams we mentored to come in and admire the robot we built. That day will take place February 13th, about 3 weeks from now.

We’re in good shape for week 3, and hopefully this trend will continue into the second half of build season. Looking forward to it!

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 -Anushka R.