Week 2 Update 2014

Week 2 of the Huskie Robotics build season has flown by in a whirlwind of activity. All the subteams have been busy, busy busy!

Our Mechanical Division finished prototyping three very different shooter designs as well as a mechanism for picking up those big game balls. They’ve settled on a pneumatic catapult for the shooter and are currently in the process of design review. Thanks to our forward-thinking team leads, all our likely designs were put into the computer while the prototypes were being constructed. As a result, we’re much farther ahead in the process at this time than we were last year.


In its spare time, Mechanical also completed a neat little toy for our Electrical and Programming Divisions to play with: Kari, the Sonic Shifter Bot. Our new little rolling rectangle has been a huge help in training our rookie members in all Divisions. We’ll also use her to train our new drive team and to prototype.


The Fabrication team has been using our mill with the help of Mr. Clive Roscoe. Special thanks to Mr. Rodney Banks for his generous donation of a lathe and various machining tools.


Programming has been working hard on a vision system to detect the “hot goal” in this year’s game for five bonus points per game. They also developed drive code for last year’s robot, Sally, with acceleration control that makes it almost impossible for her to fall over.  Both projects are nearly finished.


Scouting has continued to improve its web app. In addition, they’ve been coming up with a pre-competition training system for scouts and ways to make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The Media, Outreach, and Awards teams are hard at work as well. Media has been documenting every moment of the season with photo and video. They also surprised the team with brand-new locker signs to proudly show our school we’re on Huskie Robotics. (They also gave the website a makeover—have you noticed?) Through Outreach, we’ve sent volunteers to help unload the truck after the Central Championship Tournament. Finally, our submission for the Chairman’s Award is coming right along.

We’d like to close this week’s update with a shout-out to all the people outside of NNHS that make this unmatchable experience possible, including our corporate sponsors, college student and professional mentors, community members, and parents. None of this could happen without you!

-Kim Dauber

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