Week 1 Update 2014

Well, it’s been a long week, and with today as a week from Kickoff, we’re off to a great start. Our mechanical team has split, with one part working on a new chassis to be used for prototyping purposes, set to be finished by the end of Monday, and the other part of mechanical has been prototyping and testing different ideas for collecting and shooting balls.

The programming team has been working to improve on our code, hopefully allowing for interesting new features for our drivers, such as a program that prevents Sally from tipping. They’ve fought through some problems, but are hopefully on their way to success.

Our scouting sub-group has been developing a web app that will hopefully make scouting much easier at competition.

In terms of gameplay, an interesting development this week on the FRC blog is the lack of an endgame. After FIRST told us they would be informing us of changes through the season, we expected a surprise endgame, but they’ve officially denied one. We’ll see if anything unexpected replaces it.

We have a ways to go, but it was a promising start to the season. Each subteam is working efficiently and constantly producing new ideas, and all of those ideas will come together later in the season to make an awesome robot.

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-Jack Brandt

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