Robotics Camp at DuPage Children’s Museum

Throughout the week of July 21st, the Huskies helped facilitate the DuPage Children’s Museum’s Robotics Camp. The camp taught 3rd through 5th graders the fundamentals of engineering through demonstrations involving simple machines, electronics, programming, and more. Huskie Robotics staffed the demonstrations and helped campers assemble their final project for the week, a remote control car based on principles learned throughout the camp.

On Thursday, we demonstrated our robot Annie, showing the campers a real-world application of the skills they were learning. We discussed Annie’s systems and briefly discussed how the robot worked. Noticeably thrilled by Annie, the campers were excited for the opportunity to catch a ball thrown by Annie’s shooter. After demonstrating the robot, the children seemed even more delighted by the machine’s abilities. Later, we answered the campers’ insightful questions and concluded the demonstration.
The children were grateful for the opportunity to see Annie and learn what we do. Several were already aware of the FRC program, and a few were even involved with FLL (FIRST LEGO League) programs. Hopefully, our demonstration at the DuPage Children’s Museum and the camp as a whole encouraged the campers to pursue engineering- and perhaps even involve themselves in FIRST Robotics.

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– Dhipak