Pre-Midwest Update

Huskie Robotics has three meetings left before our Midwest Regional (April 3-5 at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago)! We’ve been working hard to ensure we’re as prepared as possible going into the competition.

Mechanical didn’t have too much to do, but they rebuilt Annie’s bumpers. Before, they required the pit crew to screw on wing nuts to secure each onto the robot- a process which took a lot of time. We’ve made them more user friendly- now they have pins.

Electrical has been working on LEDs for Annie as well. Not only do they look cool, different patterns and colors of the lights will indicate different statuses for operation and control. They’re fun and functional.

Media has been working on spirit- did you see the Andrew Shuffle? We’re also revising our Chairman’s presentation.

Programming has been working on our autonomous due to inconsistency issues with hot goal detection. To detect the hot goal, we plan on using a tone created by a metal rod instead of vision.

Scouting has been streamlining the app- last regional we noticed that a lot of features were confusing and Gavin didn’t need them to strategize, so we took them away. We plan on open sourcing the app soon so other teams can use it, in the spirit of FIRST. They’ve also been training scouts.

We’re all looking forward to Midwest! All this preparation will hopefully enable us to be successful.