Parent and Sponsor Open House

Parent and Sponsor Open House was last night, and it was a huge success!

Several items were on the agenda. In room 142, we talked about this year’s robot and its features. In room 138, we explained our scouting system and demonstrated the app we’ve created. Then, we brought visitors to rooms 115 and 116 where we showed them a brief video and answered any and all questions they had about our season. It was fun for us, and hopefully fun and informative for everyone who could make it.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our parents and sponsors for everything they do.

Our sponsors aren’t just faceless companies who give us money. They’re genuinely interested in what we do. They share not only their funds, but their expertise and their time, to enable us to reach our full potential. They have helped us set goals, learn to use specialized tools, write code, and implement marketing strategies. We wouldn’t be half the team we are now without them.

Of course, our parents have also had a tremendous impact on our success. From picking us up from school late at night to bringing in food for 90 people, they are always here for us. Forget “soccer moms”: robo-rents are more dedicated, and they cheer louder than anyone else at our competitions.

So thanks again, sponsors and parents. We have a great deal of appreciation for you, and we look forward to sharing our future successes with you!

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Anushka R.