Huskie Robotics Summer Fun at R2OC

By Theo Gabriel

On July 26, 2014, Huskie Robotics participated in the Rock River Offseason Competition, R2OC, at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL. This is the second year R2OC has been held, and our second time participating in the invitational. At the invitational we competed against over thirty teams in the FRC game Aerial Assist, and were eventually picked as the third choice for the 8th alliance.

As we did at last year’s R2OC, rather than restricting the drive team to a pre-determined set of people, we instead took the casual invitational as an opportunity to allow more members of the team to try driving the robot, as well as operating, coaching, and acting as the human player, in order for us to get more experience as well as have fun. We performed fairly well, though unfortunately we did not make it past quarter finals.

 Of course, no robotics competition is complete without it’s malfunctions – during the competition many parts of our robot Annie had to be repaired, switched entirely for new parts, or tested, just like at any in-season competition. And though Annie had been fully functioning prior to the invitational, she rolled away from her last match battered, with several now non-functioning mechanisms, including her collector.

 Overall, the Rockford Invitational was not only a fantastic opportunity to have fun and experience being on the drive team, but it also showcased the dedication to FIRST and it’s principles that so many would take time out of their summers to not only fix up their robots and compete with other teams, but also to organize and volunteer in order to allow the competition to take place. FIRST volunteers are incredibly dedicated and wonderful and we’d like to thank them for giving us their time and effort so that we can have fun and work with robots.

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