Huskie Robotics hosts FLL clinic

By: Justin Shiau

On Saturday, September 6th, Huskie Robotics hosted a FIRST LEGO coach training camp at NNHS. There was an amazing turnout with about 50 coaches and 30 kids! The coaches learned many tips from this experience and it was amazing to see the kids building small LEGO robots and programming on their computers. The team was happy to be involved in such an innovative and successful event.

The day began with teaching the kids and coaches about project and core values. Michael, one of our mechanical leads, taught the coaches about teamwork exercises and how to work together. This year’s challenge for FLL is World Class where kids will redesign how we gather knowledge and skills in the 21st century. We touched upon everything, from which sites are good for research, the collaboration in developing a situation and solving the problems. The core values we taught were all about leadership and being a team player. We want the kids to have confidence in themselves, create discussions, and work together to motivate and inspire others into science and technology.
The team then held a programming session where the coaches and kids had a period of time where they can make tweaks to their programs and fix things up, or make any changes. We were there to help any groups that had trouble or just had any questions about the programs.

Before lunch, we held a strategy session for the coaches. We explained the rules of the challenge, what you have to do for the best results and gave a few statistics on what wheels, sensors and motors are best for the robot. We also talked about the tools and any attachments to the robot that would be beneficial, and also how to make an efficient practice tournament.

After lunch, the programming workshop continued with the teams working on their robots. And then the coaches and kids split up with the coaches going to learn more about locomotion/navigation, while the kids got a demo of the FIRST Robotics Competition and our robot Annie! The kids were all energetic to see Annie in action, trying to catch the balls that we launched.

The day ended with everyone getting back together for a final break, and to finish up what everyone was doing. The FLL Clinic was definitely a success being able to teach many FLL coaches and kids more about FLL. The team will definitely try this again next year!

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