Cowlishaw Elementary Science Fair

Two weeks ago,Huskie Robotics made a guest appearance at Cowlishaw Elementary’s annual science fair, and the response was even better than expected!


Before we started our presentation, we displayed Annie to the kids’ parents. They were very interested to find out what Team 3061 was all about and how a group of high school kids designed a fully functioning robot.  We then started our presentation. As Annie’s reveal video played, a hush fell over the crowd. Gavin explained to the crowd what the video was about and how our competition worked, and briefly introduced FIRST.


At this point, Brandon took over and explained FLL to the kids. He talked about his experience on the Titanium Ducks and how it changed his life completely. This year’s TiDucks competition video really helped the kids understand what they were capable of, even at this young age. Brandon topped it off with a show-and-tell of some of the NXT Lego Mindstorms that the TiDucks work with.


After hearing about the FLL system, the kids and parents got to hear about FRC from one of team 3061’s veteran members: Arpan Rau. Arpan detailed the layout of our team and gave some insight as to how exactly a bunch of high school kids came together to create a robot.  Then, it was Annie’s time to shine. There were innumerable ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s as Annie zipped across the stage and played catch with Arresh and Gavin. Kids and parents alike were astounded and impressed by Annie’s speed and ability.  We took Annie back to the floor in order to demonstrate her speed more clearly.


The presentation started to come to an end as Mr. Rowzee gave a rousing speech about the team and what an incredible experience FIRST is.  This seemed to really hit home with the parents. Nishaad wrapped up with some closing remarks about FIRST, STEM, and the kids’ goals for the future. Upon being asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, one of the kids excitedly said, “When I grow up, I wanna build cool robots!” We knew then that the time that went into this event had been well spent. After the presentation had ended, Brandon found himself fielding endless questions from parents about FLL and how their kids could get started. We left, tired but proud, about half an hour later.


Nishaad N.