On Saturday, May 17th, Huskie Robotics went to the Kane County Fair Grounds to promote STEM at the Boy Scouts Of America’s “STEM-O-RAMA”. The event was a massive celebration of science and technology, with activities in underwater robotics, neuroscience, unmanned aerial vehicles, and much more. Huskie Robotics and our robot Annie represented FIRST, alongside PWNAGE (Team 2451), a fellow FRC Team; the Titanium Ducks, an FLL Team; and got robot? (Team 5037) and Cyborg Eagles (Team 7089), local FTC teams. The booths allowed kids to have a hands on experience with the activities that FIRST offered, as they were able to catch and load a ball thrown by Annie, catch Frisbees fired by PWNAGE, watch Lego robots act autonomously, and even control an FTC robot themselves. Our team handed out information on programs that kids could join to satisfy their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, and we are very grateful to the Boy Scouts for inviting us to help get the STEM message out.

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– Gavin