Week #6 Update

The build season is nearly over, and this week has been a race to the finish. In the past few days, we’ve had several exciting successes and unforeseen hindrances.

Our robot is just about as together as we expected, with our subsystems finally interfacing. In this week of combining the shooter, climber, and electronics on the chassis, we’ve encountered some difficulties. It’s taken a bit of quick thinking and elbow grease, but we’ve gotten our robot mostly put together. Although she’s been driving for over a week now, the electrical team has been sorting out all of the signals and wires to get everything powered and running. Even though our leads carefully CADed every element, some of the literal nuts and bolts of our designs caused some logistical problems.

In testing today we found out that one of our subsystems absolutely rocks. Setting up with a game piece, our robot was doing the best we could hope for,  and we all celebrated a little victory after six long weeks of work. We don’t want to give away too much though, you’ll all have to see us at the Midwest Regional! On Sunday the 17th Huskie Robotics is going to a preseason match hosted at Motorola Solutions with WildStang and other robots.

In parallel to the robot, we’ve also been busy planning some outreach and working on awards like Chairman’s. Congrats to our star of the week, Jayson, for crushing it on the programming scene!

And thanks to everyone for such a great season so far.

– Cari C