Week #5 Update

All systems are go on Huskie Robotics!

In this past week our virtual design has met fabrication. Finally our hardworking CAD-ers have physical pieces! We’ve hit, quite literally, a few bumps in our chassis design, but our new robot drives like a champion, taking on carpets and turns like it’s nobody’s business. At this point all of our disciplines are collaborating to seamlessly integrate all facets of our robot. Electrical and Mechanical leads Arresh and Moses have been combining efforts to sort out electrical components that pulse life through our active bot. Shooter and climbing leads Sean, Andrew, and Arpan have been going back and forth for a while now spacing out their own subsystems, but it seems that they have got it all sorted out. Programmers have been rocking it all week with their quiet confidence in developing code for this year’s robot and vision tracking. We even successfully ran our current robot on new code.

We’re starting to think big picture now as we are so far into the season. Duluth Northern Lights regional is coming up pretty quickly, and our crew is getting ready to pack up and head out. Marketing has been really on the ball in filming and developing a business plan. Several award are on the way to be entered into the Midwest Regional. Scouting is developing new ways to find the diamonds in the rough at competition. And, very importantly, our carts look swagalicious.

Cheers to our star of the week, Adam, for his dedication to learning CAD!

– Cari C