Week #4 Update

We have a robot! Well, more or less.

After another long week of perfecting designs and reorganizing our thoughts, we finally have robot pieces! These past days have been all leading up towards the grand unveiling of our chassis. After receiving the parts cut from Create Cut Invent, our mechanical teams spent all Saturday tightening, straightening, and assembling the base of our ‘bot. Through in some belts, maybe a motor or two, and a climbing mechanism and we are set for nationals!

The electrical team showing off this year's electrical board.
The electrical team showing off this year’s electrical board.
The team assembling this year's chassis and drivetrain.
The team assembling this year’s chassis and drivetrain.

Programming has been starting to adjust their programs for more specific tasks. Since the completion of the game pieces, programmers have been looking into vision tracking for general game strategy and autonomous. We have even begun to design potential autonomous strategies. Some are pretty clever, too.

In terms of team development, we are getting more serious into applying for various awards. The marketing team is making advancements towards developing a business plan and a Chairman’s award video.

In this last week our team has really come together the crank through the things that needed to get done, even without a fabrication of robot parts. We’re two-thirds of the way through of this season, and still going strong!

– Cari C