Week #3 Update

All of our CAD-ers deserve a shout out for this week.

Michael, Moses, Arpan, Andrew, and Adam were CADing up a storm this week. We now have a better virtual model of our robot than ever before! And she looks tiny in comparison to the big tower we’re going to make her climb up. But with our parts designed, we can now send away to our amazing sponsor at Create Cut Invent to start bringing our robot to life.

Organizationally, we are doing so much better this year. Some members have recently completed the new robot cart that is not death on wheels nor too tall to practically take the robot anywhere. We also have our goals built and are testing feeding methods.

The programming team has been working to change Lucy’s autonomous mode to be able to make changes as quickly as Jeremy did wonderfully last year at Duluth. With a general idea of what our robot will look like and what systems will be implemented, Brian and his team are developing a skeleton of their code.

This week we also finally got around to changing our slogan: Collaborating to create; innovating to inspire. That and our also recently written mission statement can be found on our website. Neil won our Star of the Week award for week 2, and continues to keep his name in good standing!

Half the regular build season gone, 3 weeks go to!

 – Cari C