Northern Lights Regional: Friday

Huskie Robotics finished the first day of competition at the Northern Lights Regional in 8th place with a record of 5-2!

They encountered many issues throughout yesterday and today. In the pits, the team did a fantastic job addressing each issue in turn and doing the best they could given the limited time and resources available at the competition. They worked around damaged sensors, software bugs, and a temperamental feeding mechanism. They explored entirely knew mechanisms for hanging from the pyramid and blocking other robots’ shots.

On the field, their autonomous shooting was impressive at times when they scored three of three or two of three shots. Their driving is excellent and they demonstrated their ability to push around other robots both offensively and defensively. The team has been very strategic in their play of the game switch between offense and defense based on the match conditions.

In the stands, the team has been scouting every robot in every match and gathering the data necessary to determine the strength and weaknesses of each robot. This information is useful when planning the strategy for each match and is critical if they are in a position to influence the selection of an elimination round alliance.

They are hoping for a strong showing tomorrow morning in their last three qualification matches. After the qualification matches they will learn if they advance to the elimination rounds.