Lisle Library Science Saturday

This weekend, FRC Team Huskie Robotics and FLL Team the Titanium Ducks joined forces to help gain recognition and appreciation of FIRST within their community. The two teams held an introduction to FIRST Robotics at the Lisle Public Library, where students in elementary and middle school could attend to get more involved in the science scene.

Together, the two teams ran three different stations for groups to visit. The first station involved a maze where two friends would act as programmer and robot. The programmer would use simple commands to navigate their robot to the finish line. The second of the stations was to design small and simple robots, consisting of a motor, a battery, and toothpicks. After assembled, the mini-bot would vibrate around the table in random paths. The most enticing station of them all was the dual presentation of FRC and FLL given by members of each team, running their respective robots and showing off just how much fun science and engineering can be.