Kickoff Update: 2013 Game Revealed

Today was that long-awaited day for FRC teams around the world: with the unveiling of the game “Ultimate Ascent,” the season has officially begun!


Our team gathered early in the morning and waited (somewhat impatiently) through a long bus ride and several inspiring speeches before learning of this year’s challenge. An audible gasp rose from the crowd as the live FIRST broadcast declared that teams would be building robots that could not only shoot Frisbees into goals, but also climb a seven-and-a-half foot pyramid jungle gym. Dean Kamen’s team has really outdone itself this year!

Thanks to the hardworking folks at IIT, we were able to get a good look at several pieces of the game arena immediately after the broadcast ended. Some of us then attended a quick workshop about LabVIEW, the software we use to program our robot, while others went to a session on the rules of the game. However, in just a short time, our excited team had to pile back on the bus to return to Naperville North for a brainstorming session.

Rookies and veterans alike contributed creative ideas to a vibrant discussion on game strategy. We tossed around ideas about offense, defense, and various kinds of scoring. It was easy to tell that everyone is focused on our task and confident our team will be able to do well this season.

The global FIRST community is positively buzzing with anticipation for this year; we can’t wait to get started. Team 3061 is looking forward to a challenging, successful, and (most of all) amazingly fun season!

— Kim D