Homecoming Carnival

Friday September 20th, about fifteen members of Huskie Robotics had the opportunity to participate in Naperville North’s homecoming carnival. Our first large outreach event of the year, the carnival was visited by many families of the students and teachers at North, as well as people from around the area.

DSC_0063 (7) DSC_0050 (6)

Team 3061’s activity was “Frisbee Fun”: For one ticket, carnival goers could throw a Frisbee into the target (the less exciting option), for two, they could use Sally to shoot a Frisbee, and for three, they could shoot three Frisbees from Sally. Kids who knocked over the water bottle placed inside the target won small, windup robots, and everyone who played got an eraser as a prize.

.DSC_0064 (7) DSC_0077 (7)

The carnival served as an excellent opportunity to promote FIRST: people were genuinely interested in our robot and what it could do and really enjoyed being able to control it.

DSC_0098 (7)

Congrats on an awesome start to our year’s outreach, Huskies!

-Anushka R.