DuPage Children’s Museum Robotics Mini-Camp

Monday, July 15th, through Thursday, July 18th, several members of team 3061 helped out with the DuPage Children’s Museum “World of Robotics” Mini-Camp. The goal of the camp was to teach children ages 7-10 about simple machines, electricity, electric circuits and robotics. Our team members served as mentors and teachers to the students, helping them gain a basic understanding of the concepts as well as helping them build their own simple robot on the last day.

Day 1: Simple Machines


On day 1, the children learned about several different simple machines- levers, inclined planes, pulleys, wedges and wheels and axles- and their engineering applications.

Day 2: Electrical


On day 2, the campers learned about circuits and then built their own circuits using a battery pack, wires, and switches.

Day 3: Programming


The robots the campers built didn’t use any programming; however, the camp still emphasized programming because it is such a vital part of robotics. On day 3, the children learned why programming is important and what exactly programming can accomplish. We also showed them Lucy on this day.

Day 4: Build Day!


On day 4, the campers integrated what they had learned for the past 3 days to build a functional, remote-controlled robot out of cardboard and foam that could roll around and move an object. To build their creations, the children used skills like soldering, wiring, hot gluing, and foam cutting. On this day, we also promoted FLL as another opportunity to get involved with robotics.