Montgomery Fest

Today, Huskie Robotics had the pleasure of participating in the robotics event at Montgomery Fest at the invitation of Gear It Forward, FRC Team 2338. We had a great turnout of students, mentors, and parents to enjoy the incredible weather and introduce those attending the festival to Lucy and FIRST.

Lucy demonstrated her robust design and construction as she picked up right where she left off at the Midwest Regionals. She reliably shot 2-point baskets. Once communication lag was resolved, she balanced on the bridge to the delight of the crowd. After the initial matches, Huskie Robotics was in the lead and selected what would be the willing alliance.

Today’s matches were just for fun and the real purpose was to showcase FIRST Robotics to those attending the festival. One young girl visiting the festival remarked, “Robots are awesome!” as she walked past the field. Today’s event was a great opportunity to share our passion with others and socialize before school start next week.

Thanks to Gear It Forward for organizing the event and providing the field and Winnovation for providing the field electronics!

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