Lake Superior Regional Summary

Huskie Robotics, Team 3061, had an amazing time in Duluth, Minnesota at the Lake Superior Regional. The team was the most competitive we have ever been. While we were disappointed that we were not selected by one of the top eight alliances, we made sound strategic decisions, gained valuable experience, and built confidence that will prepare us for the upcoming Midwest Regional competition.

When we unpacked Lucy on Wednesday evening in Duluth, we had a robot with a mediocre shooting percentage, an unreliable conveyor, and no software automation. Our drivers had almost no experience behind the controls and our team was untested under pressure. All of this changed during the competition. One of the most beneficial decisions we made was to change our strategy to shoot for the 2-point basket and to shoot from the fender (the closest position to the basket) whenever possible. While we can shoot a high-percentage 2-point shot from the key, we shoot nearly 100% from the fender. We now have a reliable conveyor due to a new sprocket for the lower conveyor and a double motor drive for the upper conveyor. We now have software that automatically sets the shooter speed for shots from the fender and that drives to the fender during autonomous. We also have software that uses the camera to determine the distance to the basket and sets the shooter speed automatically. Our team has demonstrated that they can make repairs under a great deal of pressure and time constraints. Our drivers now have 12 matches of experience. Lucy and the team are very reliable and competitive.

As I mentioned above, we were not selected for the elimination rounds. After watching some of the elimination matches, we believe that our team would have been a wiser choice for an alliance partner, but we are obviously biased! The lesson that we learned is that if we want to ensure participation in the elimination rounds, we need to control our own destiny by being able to win matches without any assistance from our alliance partners. In order to do this, Lucy needs to be able to tilt the bridge. This is our primary focus over the next week as we prepare for the Midwest Regional.

Mr. Rowzee created a video that highlights our team throughout the Lake Superior Regional. We will be showing it on the monitors throughout the school and in our pit at the Midwest Regional to promote our team.