Lake Superior Regional: Day Two

Today was the second day of the Lake Superior Regional and the start of qualification matches. It was an incredibly exciting day! Lucy is working very reliably and performing well. We are shooting over 90% at the two-point basket. We often scored 10 points in autonomous today. When another robot tips the bridge, we can easily drive up it, and even push the other robot up, to balance. We scored over 50 points today in our six matches and incurred no penalties.

Unfortunately, we were frequently paired with alliance partners who were still getting their robots to perform at their full potential. As a result, we one only one of our six matches and are ranked poorly. All all the points our alliances scored today, we scored all but 11 of them (one basket and one bridge balance). While this isn’t ideal, many teams are gathering detailed scouting reports which will reflect our true abilities.

We had quite a scare in our second match of the day when we attempted to balance on the coopertition bridge and the opposing alliance member accidentally dumped us off backwards. Lucy toppled over and fell flat on her back. We broke the guide rails for the upper conveyor off their mounts, broke the camera power connected, bent the upper conveyor axle, shorted a VEX motor, bent the camera mount, and knocked out some of the LEDs on the camera light. The team was amazing and got Lucy fixed in time for our next match. We were installing new polycord for the upper conveyor while standing in the on-deck queue and cut off the old polycord while on the field.

Our excitement after winning our first match was short lived. Apparently, two balls weren’t placed on the field and, because of this, we had to replay the match. This ended up being for the best as it gave us an opportunity to audition in front of everyone just before the awards ceremony. Furthermore, we balanced the coopertition bridge which resulted in four qualifying points instead of the two we had previously earned. Here’s the video of the match:

Our strategy and coordination with other teams have been excellent. We made some minor adjustments to our robot which have been very helpful. We now have a preset launch speed for shooting when touching the fender in front of the basket which results in a near 100% accurate shot. We have also tested rotating our turret to shoot both forward and backward which may prove valuable. Tomorrow, we may have the software ready to automatically set the launch speed from the camera image which would be advantageous if the opposing alliance plays defense.