Lake Superior Regional: Day 1

Lucy on the Field

Today was the first day of the Lake Superior Regional. It was a very successful day! We passed inspection right after lunch and participated in two practice matches. We scored in autonomous and tele-operated which was impressive since we were the only robot in our two matches to do so.

Throughout the day, we made significant improvements to our software, launcher conveyor, and ball launcher. We modified our strategy to shoot at the 2-point basket and are shot percentage is around 90%. We installed an arm in hopes of being able to lower the bridge, but it was knocked off of Lucy and left on the field during the first practice match. That will be on our agenda for the Midwest Regional in Chicago.

We have talked to a lot of the other teams at the competition and are scouting out our potential alliances and competitors. We aren’t familiar with any of these teams except for Winnovation, our friends from Winnebago, IL.

Tomorrow we hope to test some automatic shooting software and have a great day of qualification matches. Our first match is at 10:24 am. For updates throughout the day, follow us on Twitter @team3061. We’ll try and post a daily summary tomorrow night.