Build Season: Week 3

Tomorrow marks the half way point of the build season. In 21 days, our robot will be bagged and tagged and off limits.

There have been a couple huge developments over the past week. I hope to share a video tomorrow!

The chassis and drivetrain teams finished their detailed design and all materials have been obtained. Our team’s first-ever custom chassis is being fabricated. Steve Coan from Create, Cut, Invent delivered half the chassis on Monday. It looks awesome!

The ball launcher team assembled their near-final design using the motors and gearboxes that will be included on the robot. The electrical team constructed a mount for the magnetic rotary encoder and the programming team has code to read the RPM of the ball launcher. On Saturday, we were launching basketballs over 30 feet which is longer than a half-court shot on the court! We will continue to characterize the launcher this week.

Our goals for this week are several: assemble the chassis and drivetrain to have a driving robot; characterize the ball launcher range; and finalize detailed designs of the turret and ball conveyor and order the necessary materials to fabricate.

The support of the parents and mentors continue to be essential and much appreciated! Mentors, we could definitely use a couple more people to lend a hand; especially in the areas of CAD, material choices, and bracket designs for rollers and motors.

21 days to bag and tag!